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My name is Yvonne and I’m from the lovely city Berlin. I studied Intercultural Communication in the south of Germany and worked in London in the field of Online Marketing. I love to travel around the world, but my real passion is to make a difference in it. To travel around the world means for me to reduce stereotypes and prejudices, widen the horizon and, of course, to have some great experiences. Social responsibility and sustainability were part of my studies and my work experience. Therefore I really look forward to start with Fairaway in Germany, as it is a great opportunity to combine travelling with these topics. I will be responsible to raise the awareness of Fairaway in Germany and to introduce it to the German market. So, if you have any issues, questions or feedback regarding marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

My name is Jorinde. I am currently living in Den Haag but I was born and grew up in Germany. Ever since I was young it has been and still is my passion to travel and meet new people and cultures. I spent my two final school years abroad in Malta and that was the time where I decided that I am going to work in the tourism industry. Over time I had the opportunity to travel a lot within Europe as well as outside Europe. I am currently in my final year of my Tourism Study at Saxion in Deventer, doing my management internship. The reason I chose to stay in the Netherlands for my internship was due to my wish to fully master the Dutch language. Better Places gives me the opportunity to not only do that but also be part of the beginnings of Fairaway, which has already helped me learn a lot for the short time that I have worked at Fairaway so far. I have started my internship in September and will be here until the end of January. I am looking forward to establishing Fairaway on the German market together with you.

My name is Jana and I am very much looking forward to take over the position of operation manager for Fairaway. As you do not know me yet, here is a little bit about myself and my ambitions: I have a Master in Tourism Destination Management and in my young age (26) I made sure to get a taste of what the world is about. My home country is Germany, but I am thriving from cultural encounters which I get from being observant and determined whenever I get a chance to discover new countries and cultures. I lived in Australia, UK, Italy and now the Netherlands and travelled through South East Asia as a Researcher with the ambition to collaborate with local citizens on how to implement tourism strategies for the benefit of all.

I grew up with the belief that cultural experience has potential to influence my personality and I aim to gain new perspectives and creativity. People I meet and problems I solve tell me to keep an eye for the small things in life. By talking to you and working with you, I hope to thrive and learn from you. I am open-minded and believe to have a friendly nature, so feel free to share your story with me, and ask questions freely, with no limitation. I am happy to get to know your nature and whatever you choose to share with me.
In the future, I aspire to use my skills to help, but mostly inspire others. I believe working at Fairaway can provide me with the necessary environment to learn how to deal with social and cultural related inequalities and communicating effectively to implement a Better Place for tourism in the world.
I look forward to meet you all! Keep smiling and best wishes for your future!

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